Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 17

Still catching up here...bare with me =]. With the cold weather, you tend to spend lots of time least, we have! And therefore, I end up drinking lots of coffee. How the 2 go together, I'm not sure but it seems to be the case. Maybe because I drink to get warm? Hmmm....? Aaliyah prefers a little hot chocolate with marshmellows to warm her up. I was boiling some water one night for tea and hot chocolate and thought that the coffee mugs looked cool in the light, hanging there. I'm still learning to use light and how to manipulate it but thought this came out cool with a warm, bold coffee!

Day 16

NEXT! Aaliyah and I go to the library every few weeks. She gets a boor or 2 for herself usually. She loves the library which is awesome cause so do I! While looking for a book for miss Aaliyah, I found a book about twins. So I brought it home to read to Hailey and Zoey. It has to be the CUTEST book EVER! Although, these twins are boy/girl and ours twins are identical girls, the whole thing holds true! They really seem to enjoy it too. All 3 of my girls love to read books! Anyways, the twin book had such cute sayings and I just couldn't help but snap a picture. It's called "Twin to Twin".

Day 15

Alright, so the next couple posts will be me catching up on this as usual. Please, forgive me. I take a picture for this every day but never manage to go the whole way to posting on each day. Well, I get to buy some new toys for my camera! YAY! I'm hoping to eventually make what I spend back as I plan on kind of getting out there some come the better weather! I got asked if I wanted to put an ad in the bridal section of a big, local magazine...BUTTERFLIES IN MY BELLY!! But, it'll be an awesome way to get my name out there too so we'll see. As for now, this is still just a fun hobby for me and I just like to capture everything happening around me in this CRAZY life of mine. This is one of the 2 squirrels living in our backyard. I would love to be a squirrel. As silly as this sounds, they provide me with some entertainment, especially while doing laundry. They play and fight and get into my trash 0_o. Overall, I like em! Aaliyah and I probably are the reason animals flock to our yard.  We threw out some bread for the birds but it was Mr. Squirrel who thanked us the most.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 14

Of course, trying to catch up as usual. I was out the other day and I've been wanting to take this picture for a long time every time I pass it. Lots of trains around here. It can be no fun but I actually think trains and tracks make pretty pictures. I just love this!

Day 13

I'm sorry to those of you (mostly my Nana) who are expecting pictures every day. I really stink at this! I've taken a picture every day for the most part but the girls don't cooperate too much anymore. I play around in spurts hoping to get a few mins at a time. They've really become a comical little clan. I find myself pulling the twins off one another all the time's a mess! BUT they do play well a lot of the time too. Here's the stinks just hanging out hehehe
and I'm sorry, I've been in a photography funk lately. Just waitin for weather to change so we can actually spend some time outside again!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 12

So today is the big game! Chicago vs. Packers. And the bear's lost!!!! BOOO! Oh well! Aaliyah loves football and she's hilarious when she yells at the tv! We were so looking forward to another Superbowl but Lovie Smith has got to get the boot if we wanna see that game ever again. Anyways, hoping that it warms up some so I can talk Aaliyah on a walk soon. I'm itching to get out and take some pictures!

Day 11

This should have been posted on Friday but I'm a busy woman. It was Grandma's birthday and Aaliyah & I baked her a cake. We also took her out to eat too which was a good time. Thank God Fuddruckers wasn't too busy cause these girls were runnin the place. They behaved really well though. I feel super lucky my girls are polite and so good. At least when we're out in public, right? Hehehe...well...ENJOY!